- In order to validate this method of payment will the bank details where you enter the order quantity that you made.

- will call the phone number you provided to make sure everything is correct.

- Once the bank transfer will see that the money is entered, the order will go out and within 24 hours I have at home.

- Orders Telephone (937610038 and 608758210) can also use this method of payment.


- By validating your order with this form of payment to access the secure PAYPAL website where you request your email and password to the account with PAYPAL.

- For those who do not, you can create one, or else pay with credit cards being one of the safest methods for Internet payments.

- Your order delivery 24-48 hours (working days) in the peninsula (Spain).

- not access data from your PAYPAL, and that personal data relating to the collection is stored on PayPal servers.

- The platform redirects such payments through the PayPal gateway, respectively, which payment is made on the servers of PAYPAL.


- Fast

Paypal to send payments online instantly with a bank account, credit card or any other source. No more wait for the mail or having to queue at the bank.

- Easy

Make payments securely with the touch of a button. With Paypal, you will not need to bother to indicate the information in your credit card every time you make a purchase.

- Insurance

never share financial information, as sellers do not see the numbers on your credit card or bank account. In addition, a team of qualified fraud prevention helps fight crimes that occur.

- Global

Paypal is a trusted worldwide, with its more than 100 million accounts and their continued growth. Paypal is accepted by hundreds of thousands of companies around the world.


- In order to validate this method of payment secure web access to a card payment which will request the card number when confirming the order.

- Once the payment from the POS (Virtual Payment card holder) must give to the "trade back" so that our database is reflected the products you have purchased.

- The order is delivered within 24-48 hours (working days). In Peninsula.

- not access data from your credit card, and that personal data relating to the collections are stored on servers Servired.

- The platform redirects such payments through the payment gateway Servired, respectively, which payment is made on the servers of the providers.

- platform only knows if payment has been made properly or has been canceled, but not the numbers or passwords on these.


If you receive the package of material with signs of tampering or beaten, indicate on the delivery note and check the goods in the presence of this, do not sign the delivery note without having indicated these incidents despite their material to verify that indeed seems to be in perfect condition. If after reviewing the material sent observase differences between the feedback and the packing slip, please let us know immediately, indicating the number of delivery note and detailing the differences indicated, please indicate also a contact telephone number to be more agile management if necessary. Remember we can not accept complaints about sending more than 48 hours of your receipt thereof.

If you choose to send the material in poor condition at your own risk and without following the above procedure, any transportation charges you assume it originated and under no circumstances could seek to compensation.

You have 7 days in which (without justification) may return products purchased as long as they are just as you would like to receive their products. To do this, you must inform us in advance, as recommended by the various consumer organizations, it is best done via a letter to our postal address:

ACRYLIC WORLD C / Arenys 8 Industrial Estate Can Patalina, Malgrat de Mar, 08380, Barcelona

However, remember to pay the return postage and administrative costs or other generated as a result of your return.


    These conditions of sale are governed by Spanish law.

    All products mentioned here are decorative and / or functional standard sizes or custom made and all can be legally sold in all European Union countries, according to the Treaty on European Union. (TEU).

    If you have read the terms of sale, you can close this window and continue with your purchase.

    Thank you for your attention.

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